Monday, September 04, 2006


My First Impressions of Sydney

Quiet & Wide are my first impressions of Sydney.
There are lots of differences between Sydney and our hometowns for everyone who has so changed.

Here the sky is very blue. There aren't plenty of elevated roads and large buildings such as in my city, Shanghai.

Do you know the population in Australia is the same as my city-Shanghai, and that Sydney's area is wider than Shanghai's? But here's quieter than where I lived before . That's why I travelled to and fro more than three times in these three years, sometimes I felt very lonely and I missed Shanghai's activity and noise.

But little by little as time goes by I'm settling here. Sydney is the best to live a life whatever the weather or conditions, the weather is always milder than in Shanghai. I've made many friends and I'v been suited here.

I think what you've been through is a very commeon experience amongst migrants. We are never fully satisfied living in a foreign country. Something is alawys missing. But we also know that we are changed by the experience and we may not feel totally contented if we went back to our country of origin. What do you think?
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